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Decreasing Term Life Insurance

Discover how easy it can be to help safeguard the financial future of your loved ones with guaranteed monthly income.

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What Is Decreasing Term Insurance?

It is life insurance protection that will provide your family with a monthly payout to help cover a mortgage payment or income replacement if you pass away. It’s a type of term life insurance policy with coverage that decreases monthly until the last 5 years of the policy and insurance premium rates guaranteed to never increase.

What Does Decreasing Term Insurance Cover?

Mortgage Payments

Your home may be your family's most valuable asset. And your mortgage payment? It may well be your largest monthly outlay. To help protect your family, protect your mortgage and home ownership. Receive your quote in seconds!

Income Replacement

For many people, their earning power over their career is their most valuable financial asset – it helps safeguard their family’s future well-being. To help protect your family, protect your income. Receive your quote in seconds!
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How Does Decreasing Term Insurance Work?

Let’s say you are 35 and purchase a 30-year policy (coverage until you reach 65) that, upon death, pays out $2,500 per month. If you die five years later at age 40, your family would receive $2,500 per month for 25 years ($750,000 total payments).

Your beneficiary is guaranteed a minimum five-year payout. So in this example, if you die at age 62, your family would receive $2,500 per month for five years ($150,000 total). The monthly benefit will never change. The total benefit will depend on your policy duration and when the payouts begin.

Why Choose Decreasing Term Insurance?


  • 8 questions for your free quote
  • Easy online application provides coverage in minutes
  • No medical exam required


  • Guaranteed monthly payouts if your premiums are paid to help pay your family’s monthly expenses
  • Monthly Insurance premium rates guaranteed to never increase
  • Issued by a member company of one of the world's strongest life insurance groups


  • Monthly payment coverage up to $5,000 or more depending on your age and policy duration
  • Coverage for durations up to 30 years (not beyond age 65)
  • Available for ages 20-55

Learn About Western & Southern’s IncomeSense Decreasing Term Insurance

IncomeSense delivers simple, affordable protection. Replacing lost income is one of the most common reasons for life insurance. Help provide for your loved ones with a sensible solution.

  • Term life protection matched to the income needs of your family. Coverage for 10 or 15 years.
  • Easy enrollment and fully portable — you can keep coverage if you leave your employer.
  • No medical exam. Expect a coverage decision in minutes.
  • A guaranteed benefit is paid upon a claim. Your family receives the amount you specified every month for the life of the policy.
  • Pay for only the coverage you need — designed to cost less than traditional level term insurance.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How much coverage can you get?

Monthly coverage amounts range from $500 to $10,000 a month (for those who qualify). Coverage is capped by either your monthly income, or a maximum based on your age and policy duration. Additionally, coverage duration is capped by your age. In some cases, starting coverage can be as high as $1,800,000 ($5,000 per month for 30 years).

Who is eligible for decreasing term life insurance?

U.S. citizens and permanent legal residents ages 20-55 are eligible to apply. Most applicants will be accepted, but some may not meet underwriting requirements.

How long does the coverage last?

Duration options are 10, 15, 20, 25 and 30 years or until age 65. However, coverage cannot be offered beyond age 65. For example, someone age 40 can have a maximum of 25 years of coverage.

How do you decide the duration of coverage?

When deciding on the term or duration of the policy, some factors to consider are:

  • Your age: the policy can cover you until you reach age 65
  • The ages of your children: how long you need to support them
  • If you have a mortgage: how many years remain on your mortgage

Many customers choose to match the duration to their mortgage, to age 65 (around their retirement) or to some other milestone of financial protection for their family and dependents.

How do you decide how much coverage to get?

This policy is designed to provide your family with a monthly payment, so it depends on your family’s needs. If you are purchasing this to protect their ability to stay in your home, we advise covering your entire monthly mortgage payment (which includes principal, interest, taxes and home insurance). If you are looking to replace your family’s lost income, then we advise covering an amount equal to your after-tax monthly income (as life insurance proceeds are typically not taxable income to your family).

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