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Taking Care of Our Environment

Our commitment to the environment is a shared endeavor – across our company, within our city and around the globe. As a Fortune 500 company, it is our responsibility to do our best and challenge ourselves to do more.

Reducing Our Carbon Footprint

We seek to build and operate our facilities as efficiently as possible, mindful of how our buildings impact our environment and the community.
Queen City Tower in Cincinnati Ohio

Energy & Operational Efficiencies

Throughout our home office campus, which comprises 10 buildings, we have several ongoing sustainability projects, including the use of daylight harvesting. Daylight harvesting is a technology that automatically adjusts interior LED lights based on how much sunlight comes in through exterior windows.

103 tons
of recycled material

75 tons
of recycled office paper

Investing Responsibly

We believe in repeatable practices that balance risk and return while adhering to the investment policies and framework set forth by each individual client.

Fort Washington's Approach to Responsible Investing

A subsidiary founded in 1990, Fort Washington Investment Advisors, Inc. (Fort Washington) manages capital across a range of strategies including public and private equity, fixed income, and multi-asset class solutions. It serves institutional and individual investors both domestically and abroad.

Fort Washington applies fundamentally diligent processes that are repeatable and value driven — processes firmly grounded in the belief that investment decisions should be based on the measurement of risk and return, not forecasting.

Responsible Investment in Action

Fort Washington’s investment teams make use of reputable third party data including MSCI ESG research and Morningstar Sustainability Ratings to assess company, portfolio, and manager level exposures to ESG factors.

  • Environmental Factors: Climate change, resource depletion, renewable energy sourcing, waste, pollution and deforestation.
  • Social Factors: Working conditions, discrimination, diversity policies, labor abuse, child labor, health and safety, alcohol and weapons.
  • Governance Factors: Executive pay, bribery, corruption, political lobbying and board diversity/structure.
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Research & Reporting

Touchstone Investments engages more than a dozen investment managers to sub-advise its 30+ mutual funds and four exchange-traded funds (ETFs).
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A Rigorous ESG Framework for Investment Research

Touchstone Investments engages more than a dozen investment managers to sub-advise its 30+ mutual funds and four exchange-traded funds (ETFs). In conducting due diligence to identify and monitor its investment managers, Touchstone developed a proprietary and rigorous set of ESG- and diversity & inclusion-specific questions that are incorporated into requests for information. The responses to the questions and the interactions that they inspire are integral elements of Touchstone’s asset manager evaluation discipline.

All of Touchstone’s sub-advisors are PRI signatories and multiple Touchstone Funds emphasize specific aspects of ESG and/or impact investing. Touchstone and its sub-advisors provide relevant insights regarding ESG investing via content like white papers, presentations, fact sheets and, where applicable, periodic sustainability or impact reports empowering our clients to make investment decisions that align with their core beliefs.

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Our Corporate Responsibility Report focuses on our relationship of responsibility to you and the communities we serve. Accomplishing our mission relies on key practices and policies designed to leave a positive impact on you, our communities and the world.