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Back-to-school scene with mother saying goodbye to daughter on the first day of classes

Simplifying Back-to-School Shopping & Your Summer Budget

Back-to-school shopping already looming? Check out these budget tips for dealing with fall-semester must-haves. 
Woman deciding what a budget looks like and writing it down

What Does a Budget Look Like?

Are you ready to start budgeting? Every budget is unique but here are a few tips to consider as you put together a plan to fit your needs.
Older couple driving and discussing retirement expenses like transportation

Unexpected Retirement Expenses: Why You May Want to Save for Transportation

Here's a look at the average transportation costs in retirement and some tips that may help you start preparing for them now.
Adult son and his father discussing annuity options after son becomes the beneficiary

Claiming Your Inheritance: Annuity Options for Beneficiaries

Not everyone knows the tax, and other, implications of being the beneficiary of an annuity. Here's what you should know.
Older couple with bikes who are evaluating an early retirement offer

Evaluating an Early Retirement Offer 

Taking an early retirement offer is a personal — and financial — decision. Here's what you may want to consider.
Small business owner and employee discussing employer open enrollment

Employer Open Enrollment 101 for Small Business Owners

Small Business
As a small business owner, it's important to understand the logistics of open enrollment and what it means for your employees. 
daughter hugging older mother after researching what a will is

What Is a Will? Why It's Important & Where to Start

A will is a document stating a person's final wishes for their money, their property and people in their care. Legal wills must follow certain rules.
Woman walking on a beach and wondering how to improve your finances

How to Improve Your Finances

Are you looking to improve your finances this year? Here are some tips that may help.
Older woman gardening after appointing power of attorney

Understanding Power of Attorney 

A power of attorney document could be a good way to help protect yourself from uncertainty. Here is some information on this documentation. 
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