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Young couple carrying a sofa into the living room of their new house

Managing Debt: The Good, the Bad & How It Fits In With Your Goals

As it turns out, not all debt is bad. But how do you know the difference? Here are some tips.
Friendly doctor talking to his female patient during a medical exam

The Life Insurance Medical Exam: What Can I Expect?

If you're wary of the life insurance medical exam, here's some helpful information on the process — and how to prepare — to help put you at ease.
Young man sitting on a couch and checking his student loan information using a tablet device

Managing Student Loan Debt to Keep It From Managing You

Student loan debt can seem like an insurmountable barrier — but it doesn't have to be. Here are some tips to help you manage this debt effectively.
Young woman conducting research on a laptop computer to determine her life insurance needs

How Much Life Insurance Do You Need?

Life insurance can help provide peace of mind for tomorrow, but determining how much coverage is enough for your individual needs can be tough.
A woman tracks her latest purchase on her smartphone in a boutique: money-saving strategy

Money-Saving Strategy: The 30-Day Track Everything Challenge

This money-saving strategy could be a useful way to gain a deeper understanding of your spending habits, which may help you get on track financially.
Senior couple using laptop

How to Spot 5 Common Online Life Insurance Scams

Buying and managing life insurance online can be both helpful and precarious. Learn how to avoid some of the most common online life insurance scams.
A multigenerational family spends time outdoors in the spring: inheritance IRA

Leaving an IRA Inheritance: What Do You Need to Know?

Learn how a legacy IRA could help you leave an inheritance and potential tax benefits for future generations.
Four smiling college students standing on the quad

5 Common Financial Problems for College Students & How You Could Avoid Them

As a college student, do you know the fundamentals of smart money management? Learn how you could avoid some of the most common financial missteps.
Group of People Holding Hands

Living With a Disability & Living Life to the Fullest

Whether you are born with a disability or acquire it later in life, there are many ways to live (and thrive) with a disability.
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