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Woman freelancer working on laptop while sitting at the window in a coffee shop: irregular income

Navigating an Irregular Income: Money Management for Freelancers

Being a freelancer can have its advantages, but managing an irregular income can be difficult. Learn how you could get your money in order.
Group of young professionals engaged in a group huddle: buy life insurance

Think You Don't Need to Buy Life Insurance?

Life insurance may not be on your current radar, but you could actually benefit from a policy. Learn why life insurance can be a good idea.
Real estate agent shows a home to a couple

Will You Hire a Real Estate Agent?

You've likely thought about your dream home — but have you given any consideration to your dream real estate agent?
Mature mother hanging clothes outside with her daughter: benefits of whole life insurance

Seeing the Benefits of Whole Life Insurance

Is a whole life insurance policy right for you? Sometimes it helps to start with the benefits, which could help you decide.
Multi-generational family spends time together outdoors: estate planning

Estate Planning for Parents: How I Helped My Parents With Their Legacy

Investments Amanda Abella
Estate planning for parents is a touchy — but important — subject. Here's how one woman helped her parents plan for tomorrow.
Man discussing whole life insurance on the phone.

Why I Bought Whole Life Insurance in My Early 20s

Insurance David Rodeck
One writer shares his story about what inspired him to buy a whole life insurance policy in his early 20s.
New mother smiles at her baby as they rest in bed: financial mistakes

5 Financial Mistakes New Parents May Make & How to Avoid Them

New parents are often faced with a wide array of concerns, but financial mistakes don't have to add to their list of worries.
Mature couple considering term life insurance: convertible term life insurance

Is Convertible Term Life Insurance Right for You?

With convertible term life insurance, you could switch your term policy to permanent coverage without passing a health exam.
Two female friends walk their park at a park on a sunny day: money-saving tips

Money-Saving Tips: How to Plan a No-Spend Day, Week or Month

Do you have trouble reining in your spending? Consider a spending freeze, which could help you hit the financial reset button on your spending habits.
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