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Personal Finance

Staying on top of your personal finances is easier said than done. Expand your financial education by learning more about budgeting, debt management, personal financial planning, college funding, career changes, inflation, tax deductions, divorce finances and much more.
Multigenerational family walking on the beach and discussing death benefit taxes

What Could You Do With a Death Benefit & How Is It Taxed?

Here are some ways you could use a death benefit, plus some of the limitations you might want to know.
A college study group preparing for an exam and discussing how to pay for college

How to Pay for College

A college degree can be expensive, but there are a number of financing options available.
Tax Season Woman Organizing Paperwork Working Online

How to Prepare for Tax Season 2022

Hoping to get an early start on your taxes this year? Here are seven helpful strategies for preparing and filing your taxes on time.
A group of smiling friends discusses how to avoid revenge spending.

What Is Revenge Spending (& How Can You Avoid It)?

For some, a reaction to COVID-19 restrictions has been "revenge spending," which can have a lasting, negative effect on your financial health. 
new years financial resolutions

Counting Down: 8 New Year's Financial Resolutions

The start of the year is a great time to make changes that will benefit your savings. Here are eight New Year's financial resolutions to consider.
Woman working on personal financial planning with a laptop

How to Plan Your Finances for 2022: 7 Strategies

These seven essential financial planning considerations can help you stay organized and improve your chances of making 2022 a fruitful year. 
A man and a woman look through a store window knowing their holiday finance plan is set

Holiday Finance Considerations: How to Make a Holiday Spending Plan for Your Family

For many, holiday shopping is stressful. But, with a little bit of planning, you may be able to tackle your list and stay under budget. 
A woman looks at papers and a laptop while doing year-end tax planning

Happy Old Year: 8 Year-End Tax Planning Considerations

The end of a calendar year can be a smart time to focus on tax planning. Here's insight into eight year-end tax planning strategies for 2021.
A couple reviews their finances to create a debt management plan

Considerations for Creating (& Following) a Debt Management Plan

Does your debt feel overwhelming? It might be time to create a debt management plan. Here's how it works. 
fit senior couple listens to music with earbuds and stretches before a run as part of staying healthy

Could Staying Healthy Help You Save Money?

You know an apple a day keeps the doctor away, but did you know staying healthy has many financial benefits too?
Woman in an office looking at laptop while on the phone discussing open enrollment

Your 2021 Open Enrollment Guide

If you need to get health insurance on your own, here's what you need to know about this year's open enrollment period. 
female college student looks through text in bookstore and reflects on financial planning for expenses

Financial Planning for College's Smaller Expenses

A new semester's just around the corner! Now that you've budgeted for tuition, room and board, it's time to factor in the smaller expenses.
Woman using a calculator and laptop to review and add bills while living paycheck to paycheck

6 Considerations for Saving Money When You're Living Paycheck to Paycheck

Living paycheck to paycheck can be hard, but there are things you can do today to help lower your expenses and start adding to your savings.
Mother reading with her daughter at home and thinking about how much does it cost to raise a kid

How Much Does It Cost to Raise a Child?

Here's a breakdown of the costs you can potentially expect when raising a child.
Parents like this dad may need to set aside more emergency savings to help protect their family.

Why You Should Focus on Building an Emergency Savings Fund

An emergency savings fund can provide much-needed cash if, say, you experience a sudden job loss or encounter a large, unplanned bill. 
Happy couple asking themselves: "How much money should you have in savings?"

How Much Money Should You Have in Savings?

It's a good idea to have sufficient money in savings, not just for long-term needs like retirement, but also for unexpected costs or even a job loss.
Business Owner Finances 5 Considerations to Help Prepare For Recession

5 Considerations to Help You Prepare for a Recession

In light of the economic downturn from the pandemic, it's wise to know these key financial planning points on how to help prepare for a recession.
A couple meets with a financial representative

What Is a Financial Representative?

It's never too early to meet with a financial representative and get help in protecting your financial future.
Confident Bankers Looking to Review Financial Wellness

Your Guide to Maintaining Financial Wellness

Financial wellness is a feeling of confidence with respect to money. It's achieved by having a plan for future expenses, whether planned or otherwise. 
couple reviewing our financial planning checklist

Take Control of Your Finances With Our Financial Planning Checklist

Have you thought about your personal finances lately? Our financial planning checklist can help get you started on what to think about and specific steps you could take to help get your finances under control.
A happy group of friends discusses personal finance for women.

Considering Personal Finance for Women

Women often have different needs when it comes to personal finance. Here's what to consider. 
A couple gets excited looking into ways to improve their financial health and prepare for the future

How to Improve Financial Health

From understanding your current cash flow to creating an investing plan, here's how you can help improve your financial health. 
A happy family celebrating a daughter's graduation after using all of their college funding options.

College Funding Options: Federal vs. Private College Loans

Many college students — and their parents — choose loans to help fund their higher education. But what about choosing between Federal and private?
kid brother hugs older sister at college graduation as family is successful in how to save for college

How to Save for College: A Crash Course

Are you thinking about how to save for college? Enroll in our crash course to explore your options.
male student meets with career advisor to discuss trade school, vocational school and online degrees

When to Consider a Trade School, Community College or Online Degree Program

Four-year college programs may be the norm, but that doesn't always mean you should write off other worthwhile types of higher education.
College graduate celebrating with her family after commencement: 529 college savings plan

What Is a 529 College Savings Plan?

Imagine your child walking across the stage at his or her college graduation. Learn how a 529 college savings plan could help make this a reality.
A couple discusses how to create a budget plan

How to Create a Budget Plan for Your Family in Uncertain Times

These eight considerations can help you understand how to create a budget plan for 2021 and how to cut expenses on the family budget. 
Young woman ponders, "How much money should you have saved by 25?"

How Much Money Should You Have Saved by 25?

In addition to building an emergency fund, anything you invest for retirement now will benefit from decades of potential growth. 
A young couple reviews their finances and asks, "How much money should you have saved by 30?"

How Much Money Should You Have Saved by 30?

While it's important to prepare for retirement now, you also need a plan for your near-term needs. Here's how much money you may want to save by 30. 
A man does research to decide whether or not to pay off student loans early.

Should You Pay Off Student Loans Early?

With many readers deciding whether they should pay off their student loans early or wait, here are scenarios for when each approach makes sense. 
A couple sits on a couch and strategizes how to manage bills and pay on time together

How to Manage Bills

We all have to pay bills every month. Here are five tips to help ensure yours are paid on time.
A couple goes over a step-by-step guide together for how to create a budget plan.

How to Create a Budget Plan

Not sure how to get started with budgeting? Here are some considerations to help you.
Adult man taking notes on a tablet after going back to college

Going Back to College as an Adult: Potential Benefits, Costs & Saving Strategies

Are you thinking of going back to college as an adult? Here are some potential benefits and financial considerations. 
A happy family sitting on a couch discussing how to teach kids about money.

How to Teach Kids About Money: 9 Helpful Tips to Try

It's never too early to start teaching your kids about financial literacy. Here are nine strategies for doing so. 
Senior Couple Walking Their Dog Discussing Protecting Retirement Savings From Creditors

Can I Protect Retirement Savings From Creditors?

Retirement accounts may be protected from creditors in certain situations.
Parents with their daughter who just graduated and spent money on 529 qualified expenses

What Are 529 Plan Qualified Expenses?

Here's some information on how you can and cannot spend the money in a 529 college savings plan.
An older man and woman discussing budgeting for couples

Budgeting for Couples: 5 Things to Consider

Budgeting together as a couple now can help you lay the groundwork for a solid financial future.
A couple reviews their financial resolutions together at home

4 Ways to Check In on Your Financial Resolutions 

If you set financial resolutions at the start of the year, here are some ideas for how you can check in on them and help yourself stay on track. 
Mature couple looking at computer and considering refinancing their home

4 Things to Consider Before Refinancing Your Home

When it comes to refinancing your home, you may have a lot of questions. Here are some considerations before starting the process.
Two graduates taking a selfie and thinking about paying off student loans

How You Could Pay Off Student Loans Before 30

This fictional story showcases how paying off student debt in eight years takes a lot of focus and commitment — but can be possible.
Young man and woman talking about personal finance in your 20s

Guide to Personal Finance in Your 20s

Your 20s can bring some big life changes. Looking at your personal finances now might help you plan for the future.
Mother and father with toddler: a mix of liquid vs. non-liquid assets can help a family's finances

Liquid vs. Non-Liquid Assets: What's the Difference?

Understanding the difference between liquid and non-liquid assets may help you build diversified wealth to serve your needs.
A happy couple sits in their new home after using IRA to buy first home

Can You Use Your IRA to Buy Your First Home? 

Here's an overview of what to consider before using your IRA to buy your first home. 
Mother and teenage daughter reviewing their saving for college options on a computer

What Can You Do With Unused 529 Funds?

Understanding alternative uses for a 529 plan can help you avoid penalties and taxes on any unused or surplus funds.
New mom holding baby kitchen 5 financial mistakes new parents make and how to avoid them

5 Financial Mistakes New Parents May Make & How to Avoid Them

New parents are often faced with a wide array of concerns, but financial mistakes don't have to add to their list of worries.
A young man walking down the street on his phone and contemplating what to do when you lose your job

What To Do When You Lose Your Job: 5 Financial Considerations

These five financial considerations may help you adjust to a temporary loss of income.
Man on the phone discussing critical illness and disability income insurance

What's the Difference Between Critical Illness & Disability Income Insurance?

Here's an overview of these two types of insurance that help provide coverage when health issues arise.
mother who's considering setting up a 529 plan spending time with her happy teenage daughter

What to Consider Before You Set Up a 529 Plan

A 529 plan can be an effective part of a long-term college savings strategy. Here's what to consider before you set one up.
mother comforts young daughter and considers a financial planning checklist as they grieve loss of father

What to Consider After the Loss of a Spouse

There are steps you could take to help keep your finances on track after the loss of a spouse, which could help you cope during this difficult time.
Older man walking with dog through woods thinking about finances as a widower

Financial Planning for Widows & Widowers: 5 Considerations

Coping with the loss of a spouse is hard, but these tips for financial planning for widows and widowers may help. 
Two elderly women looking at each other smiling and talking about age-related cognitive decline

3 Ways to Financially Prepare for Age-Related Cognitive Decline

Most seniors can manage their money as they get older, but age-related cognitive decline could affect their ability to handle their finances.
A young couple buying a home as an unmarried couple sits on couch surrounded by boxes

Buying a Home as an Unmarried Couple? Here Are Some Considerations

If you're buying a house as an unmarried couple, here are some of the things you should keep in mind. 
Daughter playing a block stacking game with parents after discussing personal finance basics

A Guide to Personal Finance Basics

A foundational understanding of finances can help you manage your money more efficiently.
Man researching types of payroll deductions at home over coffee

Types of Payroll Deductions & Withholdings

Here are some of the common payroll deductions and how they can affect your take-home pay.
Couple in bed safe from cybersecurity and identity theft thanks to good internet practices

Cybersecurity & Identity Theft: 8 Simple Tips to Help Keep Your Information Safe

Taking a little precaution can make a huge difference when it comes to fraud prevention and your finances.
A woman tracks her latest purchase on her smartphone in a boutique: money-saving strategy

Money-Saving Strategy: The 30-Day Track Everything Challenge

This money-saving strategy could be a useful way to gain a deeper understanding of your spending habits, which may help you get on track financially.
Man on a run with his dog on a sunny day after wondering what is an HSA

What Is an HSA?

A health savings account provides an alternative way to pay for certain health expenses.
Family opening financial gifts on Christmas

Financial Gifts to Consider Giving

Financial gifts don't always have to be in the form of cash. Here are some ideas to consider.
Family at dinner discussing new years financial resolutions

5 New Year's Financial Resolutions

As the year comes to a close, now is the time to start thinking about your New Year's financial resolutions.
Man standing in a mall holding gift backs while holiday shopping on a budget

5 Considerations When Holiday Shopping on a Budget

From doing a potluck holiday party to paring down your list, here are some ways to potentially cut down on spending when shopping for the holidays.
Young couple reading through mortgage terms to understand mortgage basics

Mortgage Basics 101: What to Know

If you're wondering how a mortgage works, here is some information to keep in mind. 
Senior couple laughing together in front of their home after renting out their house

Renting Out Your House: What to Consider Before Pursuing This Revenue Stream

From the costs of getting started to the effect on your mortgage, taxes and insurance, consider these implications before renting out your home.
Woman shopping for groceries in order to save money on a tight budget

10 Ways to Save Money on a Tight Budget

Finding room in your budget for savings can be challenging. Here are 10 tips to help you save money even when money is tight.
four smiling college students on campus discuss common financial problems and money management

5 Common Financial Problems for College Students & How You Could Avoid Them

As a college student, do you know the fundamentals of smart money management? Learn how you could avoid some of the most common financial missteps.
Mother hugging and supporting adult children

Can Supporting Adult Children Hurt Your Retirement?

Supporting adult children is a generous and loving gesture, but you may want to consider how it could affect your retirement.
young female student works in the library and wonders how she can avoid student loans in college

How I Avoided Student Loans in College

Student loans might seem like a given these days, but they don't have to be. Here's how one woman graduated college without any student loan debt.
Father son helping protect parents from elder financial abuse and fraud

Helping to Protect Parents From Elder Financial Abuse & Fraud

Here are some practical tips on helping to protect your aging parents from elder financial abuse and fraud.
Bride and groom hugging family after successfully figuring out how to save for a wedding

How to Save for a Wedding: Helping Your Child Pay for the Big Day

Even if your child's wedding bells are many years away, it may be a good idea to plan ahead if you want to help pay for the happy day. 
College student and mom standing at car hugging after talking about refinancing student loans

Refinancing Student Loans: 5 Things to Consider

Refinancing student loans can help make repayment more affordable, but might not be the right choice for everyone.
family inside of first home they bought after exploring these types of tax benefits

Exploring the Types of Tax Benefits Available at Each Life Stage

Different types of tax benefits become available to you at major life stages and may help you save money.
Portrait of senior man on the bridge, looking thoughtfully and thinking about declaring bankruptcy

What Is the Process for Declaring Bankruptcy?

Here is some information on the process for filing for bankruptcy, and its potential impact on your finances.
young man researching furthering his personal finance education

How to Get Your Finances in Order & Stay Organized

If you want to better your personal financial education, consider these three steps to becoming more financially organized and savvy.
Retired man playing guitar for his wife: paying off debt before retirement

Paying Off Debt Before Retirement: What to Consider Getting Off Your Financial Plate

Your retirement years should be a time to relax and enjoy life rather than worry about paying off debt. Here's what to consider before you retire.
Man drinking coffee in a robe in his hotel room, enjoying a financial windfall during a vacation

What to Do When You Receive a Financial Windfall

Considering some of the implications of a sudden influx of cash can help you spend or invest it wisely.
Back-to-school scene with mother saying goodbye to daughter on the first day of classes

Simplifying Back-to-School Shopping & Your Summer Budget

Back-to-school shopping already looming? Check out these budget tips for dealing with fall-semester must-haves. 
Woman deciding what a budget looks like and writing it down

What Does a Budget Look Like?

Are you ready to start budgeting? Every budget is unique but here are a few tips to consider as you put together a plan to fit your needs.
Woman walking on a beach and wondering how to improve your finances

How to Improve Your Finances

Are you looking to improve your finances this year? Here are some tips that may help.
mother standing with son and daughter discussing leaving home

Children Leaving Home: Helping Your Kids Prepare to Move Out & Be Financially Secure

If you need to have a conversation with your child about moving out, here are some tips to guide you and help you set them up for success.
Tourist couple smiling and taking pictures after reading tips for traveling abroad

6 Financial Tips for Traveling Abroad

If you're traveling abroad for the first time — or you just need a refresher — here are six financial tips to keep in mind.
teens baking in the kitchen discussing money management

Money Management for Teens: Important Lessons to Teach Your Kids

Teaching your teen about money management now, when there's more room to learn from mistakes, could help set them up for financial success. 
Woman standing in front of a tree and thinking about starting a rainy day fund

What Is a Rainy Day Fund?

How does a rainy day fund differ from an emergency fund and how you can you start saving for one? Here are the basics.
Adult children having the "aging parents and finances" talk with their parents over dinner

Aging Parents & Finances: Having the Retirement Conversation

A few small conversations now can make a big difference as you help your parents transition into retirement.
Woman researching apps on her smartphone for personal financial planning.

Personal Financial Planning: The Importance of Reviewing Your Finances Regularly

Your personal financial planning can greatly benefit from regular reviews. Here's how to get started.
Excited employee who just got a raise shaking his boss's hand in a conference room

Just Got a Raise? Here Are 5 Goals to Put It Toward

You might be excited to spend the extra cash you just received from a raise — but consider putting it toward a specific financial goal instead. 
Smiling older couple calculating their tax deductions while filing their taxes from home

Understanding the Role of Tax Deductions

What is adjusted gross income? And what does it mean to itemize? We cover basics of income tax deductions.
Nurse aiding a senior woman who uses the benefits of long-term care insurance to cover care fees

Benefits of Long-Term Care Insurance & Other Ways to Pay for Your Care

Long-term care can be quite expensive, but there are many ways to help pay. Here's a rundown of some of the options. 
Woman drinking coffee and looking out of her window after conducting a personal finance review

How to Conduct an End-of-Year Personal Finance Review

A personal finance review can give you insight into your financial performance over the year — and help prepare you for the start of the next one.
managing digital life after death for people with social media accounts, like the woman pictured

Digital Life After Death: Loved Ones' Social Media Accounts

Social media management is an emerging aspect of estate planning. Will you "memorialize" your accounts or delete them?
group of students who know how to reduce student loan debt by graduating on time and within budget

How to Reduce Student Loan Debt & Graduate in Four Years

Careful budgeting and filling your course load are just two of many ways to help you graduate on time and potentially reduce your student loan debt.
A patient discussing the difference between critical illness and health insurance with her doctor

What's the Difference Between Critical Illness & Health Insurance?

Health insurance is important, but critical illness insurance can help cover critical gaps. Learn the differences between the two.
A happy man filing his taxes on a laptop

How to Help Prevent Tax Identity Theft & What to Do If You're Affected

This article defines tax identity theft, and offers tips on how to help avoid it and how to respond if it happens. 
Happy father sending his son to college thanks to attainable college funding options

College Funding Options: Alternatives to Student Loans

A well-rounded college funding plan can help reduce loan debt for your child after graduation. Here are some available tools to consider.
Pregnant mother doing yoga with her son on the lawn after budgeting for a second child

Budgeting for a Second Child & Beyond

Consider these tips when you're ready for a new addition to your family — whether it's your second, third or beyond!
husband and daughter of older woman in hospital all discuss planning a funeral service ahead of time

Planning a Funeral Service for a Loved One: Memorial, Graveside or Veteran's Service

Planning a funeral service for a loved one involves choosing the type of service — and can underscore the importance of final arrangements.
mother spends quality time outside with her daughter after establishing solid special needs care

Special Needs Care: Meeting Your Own Needs & Those of Your Loved One

Those raising children with special needs must take care of themselves as well as their kids, as one experienced parent reminds us.
mother talks to her daughter about college graduate finances with a financial planner in an office

Talking to Your Child About College Graduate Finances

Post-college life is changing for newer generations, as are some of the financial implications. Here's how to discuss what that means for your family.
two young women buy clothes with credit card and know the importance of establishing good credit

Establishing Good Credit When You're Young

Building good credit can help save you money throughout your lifetime. Here are some ways to get a healthy start in your twenties.
happy mother, father, son and daughter discuss managing family finances on the couch at home

Managing Family Finances: Getting Your Spouse & Children on Board

Do you or your partner manage the majority of your family finances? Here's why clear, balanced roles matter, and how to start talking about them.
happy mother at home holds her child she adopted with financial help from the adoption tax credit

The Adoption Tax Credit & Other Benefits for the Adoption Process

Adoption can be costly — but that doesn't have to stop your parenting plans. Here are some tips to maximize the available benefits.
Woman researching funeral planning

Planning a Funeral for a Loved One: Burial vs. Cremation

Here's how you might approach the decision between burial and cremation following the death of a loved one.
middle-aged couple speaks to real estate agent about pros and cons of selling versus renting their home

Selling vs. Renting Your Home: Pros & Cons to Consider

As a homeowner, it can be challenging to decide between selling your home or renting it out. Explore the pros and cons of both options.
young couple carries a sofa into the living room of their new house as they discuss managing debt

Managing Debt: The Good, the Bad & How It Fits In With Your Goals

As it turns out, not all debt is bad. But how do you know the difference? Here are some tips.
male college student sits on a couch at home and uses tablet computer for managing student loan debt

Managing Student Loan Debt to Keep It From Managing You

Student loan debt can seem like an insurmountable barrier — but it doesn't have to be. Here are some tips to help you manage this debt effectively.
parents laugh with their two sons at home and think how disability income insurance could help them

How Disability Income Insurance Could Help Protect Your Most Important Asset: You

Your home. Your life savings. Your ability to earn income? Learn why this might be your most important asset — and how you could help protect it.
young couple signs paperwork for their first home with realtor and celebrates their SMART goal setting

SMART Goal Setting: Can Being SMART Help You Reach Your Financial Goals?

Explore how specific, measurable, achievable, results-focused and time-sensitive (SMART) goals could help you reach your financial goals.
mature man with cane plays chess with male caregiver and reflects on costs of long-term care

Cost of Long-Term Care: Planning for an Uncertain Tomorrow

While no one can predict future long-term care needs, there are still steps you could take to help prepare for an uncertain tomorrow.
father plays with his son outside in fall and plans a financial checklist for his single-parent finances

Single-Parent Finances: A Financial Checklist for Moms & Dads

As a single parent, chances are you have many concerns running through your mind all day long — but your finances don't have to add to your worries.
graphic outlines and illustrates various life stages and how to financially prepare for them

Which Life Stage Are You Preparing for Financially?

Life stage planning is important — discover the different life stages and what financial strategies to consider as you go through each life stage.
married couple in their 60s reviews finances on their laptop at home and discusses budgeting tips

Back to Basics: Budgeting Tips for Your 60s

As someone in your 60s, you may feel like a money expert — but financial needs often change with every life stage. Consider going back to the basics.
daughter cares for her mom in a wheelchair at home and wonders about ways of coping as a caregiver

Coping as a Caregiver: 4 Ways to Care for Yourself

As a caregiver, you may sometimes feel like you have nothing left to give at the end of the day. However, it's important to take care of yourself too.
young girl outside kisses her mother, who cares for her daughter with special needs planning

Special Needs Planning: How to Financially Protect Your Loved One

Learn how you could financially protect your special needs relative — and why now could be a good time to start planning for tomorrow.
young female caregiver speaks with retired married couple in their home about assisted living costs

Do You Know How Much Assisted Living Costs?

With assisted living costs on the rise, it's more important than ever to be proactive. Learn more about assisted living costs and payment options.
mature couple completes a form online at home to get a vial of life kit in case of a medical emergency

What Is a Vial of Life Kit & Do You Need One?

A Vial of Life kit may make all the difference during a medical emergency. Learn how a Vial of Life kit works.
multigenerational family has fun together at home as sandwich generation cares for parents and kids

The Sandwich Generation: A Financial Survival Guide

Are you "sandwiched" between caring for your children and aging parents? Our financial survival guide could help you explore your options.
Couple walking through park empty nester consider shaking up your financial plan

Empty Nester? Consider Shaking Up Your Financial Plan

Your children have left home — welcome to your new life as an empty nester! It might be time to shake up your financial plan.
mother hugs her two young children outside and thinks about finances after the loss of a loved one

How to Handle Your Finances After the Loss of a Loved One

Learn how you could manage your finances after the loss of a spouse. This knowledge could help you move forward with courage.
mature bride and groom smile on their wedding day, thankful to receive second marriage financial advice

Second Marriage Financial Advice: Considerations Before Tying the Knot Again

Are you heading down the aisle a second time? It might be a good idea to consider your finances, including prenuptial agreements and more.
single female at home reviewing her divorce finances

Divorce Finances: How to Help Secure Your Financial Future

Money may be a top concern if you are going through a divorce, but there are things you could do to help secure your financial future.
Couple discussing finances how tackle credit card debt greater financial health

How to Tackle Credit Card Debt for Greater Financial Health

Getting out of credit card debt can take some effort, but it's possible. Here are some tips that could help you reach greater financial health.
adult daughter talks with her aging mother outside on a sunny day about family financial planning

Family Financial Planning: Having the Money Talk With Aging Parents

It can be difficult to bring up money matters with aging parents, but it's also important. Here are some tips for family financial planning.
Woman freelancer working on laptop while sitting at the window in a coffee shop: irregular income

Navigating an Irregular Income: Money Management for Freelancers

Being a freelancer can have its advantages, but managing an irregular income can be difficult. Learn how you could get your money in order.
Couple viewing home with agent will you hire a real estate agent

Will You Hire a Real Estate Agent?

You've likely thought about your dream home — but have you given any consideration to your dream real estate agent?
two women walk their bikes at a park, discuss money-saving tips and commit to a no-spend period

Money-Saving Tips: How to Plan a No-Spend Day, Week or Month

Do you have trouble reining in your spending? Consider a spending freeze, which could help you hit the financial reset button on your spending habits.
two women drink coffee at a café and discuss why buying long-term care insurance in your 20s makes sense

Why I Bought Long-Term Care Insurance in My 20s

Long-term care insurance is not a pressing concern for most 20-somethings. Learn why one woman chose to purchase a policy in her late 20s.
woman practices yoga pose outside as stress reduction to improve her long-term health

5 Stress Reduction Strategies for Improved Long-Term Health

For many people, modern life is full of stress. So, how can you keep that stress from impacting your health? Here are five common strategies.
bride and groom smile at each other as they walk down the aisle and reflect on marriage and finances

Marriage & Finances: Will You Merge Your Money After Saying 'I Do'?

First comes love. Then comes the "money talk." Learn how to tie your finances together after tying the knot.
man surprises woman with engagement ring and plans financial conversations to have before marriage

5 Financial Conversations to Have Before Marriage

Here are five of the most important financial conversations to have before tying the knot — from discussing debt to setting a joint budget.
Family with newborn baby budgeting for a baby

Budgeting for a Baby: A Financial Planning Checklist for New Parents

Are you expecting the stork to pay you a visit sometime soon? Learn how you could get your finances in order before he drops off your new arrival.
couple sits by boxes inside new house and delights in buying their first home as woman holds the key

5 Smart Steps to Buying Your First Home

From getting pre-approved for a mortgage to making an offer and beyond — here are five steps that could help make your homeownership dream a reality.
mature couple leaves shore to kayak and commits to staying financially fit in their 50s, 60s and beyond

How to Keep Fit in Your 50s, 60s & Beyond (to Stay Financially Fit)

Start now to lock in physical fitness before retirement, helping you keep your later years healthier — with the potential for fewer health care costs.
Couple on couch finances laptop money management for couples 6 tips for stronger finances

Money Management for Couples: 6 Tips for Stronger Finances

Here are six ways to help manage money as a couple — and possibly even strengthen your relationship along the way.
Grandfather teaching children financial literacy

4 Tips for Teaching Financial Literacy to Kids

You know money doesn't grow on trees, but do your kids know that too? Here are four tips to help teach children about the value of a dollar.
roup of young people study at a table and discuss their financial education as college students

Money 101: A Financial Education for College Students

From Plato to the planetarium, college is a time to expand your mind and explore. It's also an ideal time to begin your financial education.
parents carry boxes into home with daughter and balance paying off student loan debt and buying a house

Paying Off Student Loan Debt & Buying a House — How It Is Possible

It's possible to buy a house while still paying off student loan debt — provided you plan well financially and prepare for the unexpected.
young woman drinks coffee and works on her laptop inside a café to make extra money with a side job

How to Make Extra Money With a Side Job

Sometimes, saving alone isn't enough to meet your financial goals. If this is the case for you, have you considered taking on a side job?
man presents to group in conference room and considers his financial readiness for a career change

Are You Financially Ready for a Career Change?

Sometimes, life calls for a change of scenery. And like most things in life, money is an integral part of the decision-making process.
two female and three male young adults fill out job applications upon entering the workforce together

Entering the Workforce? Give Your Finances the First Promotion

Congrats on landing your first full-time job! Now, have you considered your finances? These financial tips could put you on the fast track to success.
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