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Retirement Planning

How much money will you need to retire? As you think about retirement planning, there’s a lot to consider, including when to retire, where to live, 401(k) plans, IRAs, annuities, Social Security and more. Explore these articles to learn how to plan effectively and when to start saving for retirement. 
Veteran tucking his daughter in under a blanket on the couch after discussing active duty retirement

Active Duty Retirement: 4 Ways to Plan Financially

It's important to thoroughly consider the many retirement benefits available to active duty servicemen and women.
Retirement Planning
senior couple at home reviewing finances and deciding how long their retirement savings will last

How Long Will My Retirement Savings Last?

If you are concerned about outliving your retirement savings, consider these retirement strategies to help you assess the longevity of your assets.
Retirement Planning
old couple eating ice cream on a cruise and wondering if retiring on a cruise ship is right for you

Is Retiring on a Cruise Ship Right for You?

If you're leaning toward a more adventurous retirement, living on a cruise ship full-time might be right for you.
Retirement Planning
an elderly woman sitting in a kitchen in front of a laptop smiling and working after retirement

Working After Retirement: 3 Financial Considerations

Here are three financial considerations to keep in mind as you decide whether to go back to work after retiring.
Retirement Planning
how to save for retirement

How to Save for Retirement

Saving early for retirement could make a difference in the long run. Here are some potential steps to take to help you get started.
Retirement Planning
Husband and wife filing paperwork for Social Security planning over coffee

5 Social Security Planning Mistakes & How to Avoid Them

Before you start collecting benefits, consider these five common Social Security mistakes.
Retirement Planning
Retired couple hiking on a trial

3 Retirement Withdrawal Strategies to Help Make Your Savings Last

There is no one-size-fits-all solution to managing retirement funds — but there are some common strategies worth considering.
Retirement Planning
Retirees who receive an immediate annuity taking a break from hiking

How an Immediate Annuity Could Turn Assets Into Income

An immediate annuity could provide guaranteed lifetime income from an inheritance, retirement account or other assets.
Retirement Planning
Senior couple on autumn camping trip discussing alternatives to social security

Alternatives to Social Security to Help Boost Your Retirement Income 

You may want to consider these alternatives to Social Security in order to help boost your retirement income.
Retirement Planning
A retired couple smiles as they walk together in a park on a spring day: variable annuity

5 Questions to Ask Before Choosing a Variable Annuity

A variable annuity could be a good tool for your retirement. These five questions could help you decide if one is right for your needs.
Retirement Planning
older couple doing paperwork and planning their retirement budget

7 Steps to Building a Retirement Budget

A retirement budget may help you stay more financially stable. Here are some steps to consider as you get started.
Retirement Planning
Carpenter smiling as he designs a project and considers how to make money in retirement

How to Make Money in Retirement

Want to earn a little extra retirement income? Here's why you may want to consider it — and how to get started. 
Retirement Planning
Senior couple checking map on a walk and talking about starting an emergency fund in retirement

Why You May Need an Emergency Fund in Retirement

Your retirement savings may cover your daily lifestyle, but you might want to also prepare for the unpredictable.
Retirement Planning
a retired couple sitting on a couch and discussing health care in retirement

Preparing for the Cost of Health Care in Retirement 

To help prepare for the cost of health care in retirement, there are a few strategies you could consider implementing in to your financial plan.
Retirement Planning
Older couple driving and discussing retirement expenses like transportation

Unexpected Retirement Expenses: Why You May Want to Save for Transportation

Here's a look at the average transportation costs in retirement and some tips that may help you start preparing for them now.
Retirement Planning
Adult son and his father discussing annuity options after son becomes the beneficiary

Claiming Your Inheritance: Annuity Options for Beneficiaries

Not everyone knows the tax, and other, implications of being the beneficiary of an annuity. Here's what you should know.
Retirement Planning
Older couple with bikes who are evaluating an early retirement offer

Evaluating an Early Retirement Offer 

Taking an early retirement offer is a personal — and financial — decision. Here's what you may want to consider.
Retirement Planning
Older couple happy and excited after deciding where to live in retirement

Deciding Where to Live in Retirement: What to Consider

Relocating in retirement could lower your cost of living and give you access to the activities you want to enjoy. Here's how to approach the decision.
Retirement Planning
How to start saving for retirement in your 50s, like this mature woman pictured jogging in the fall

How to Start Saving for Retirement at 50 & Beyond

Need to catch up on your retirement savings (and catch up fast)? Here are some ways to get started.
Retirement Planning
Man reading newspaper and considering how to increase social security benefits after retirement

How to Potentially Increase Social Security Benefits After Retirement

There are several options that could help you potentially increase your Social Security benefits after retirement.
Retirement Planning
Mother and young daughter holding cups of coffee and discussing a custodial IRA

What Is a Custodial IRA?

A custodial IRA, or a custodial Roth IRA, could help set your children or grandchildren on a path to financial security at an early age.
Retirement Planning
retirees enjoying tea together and discussing moving into a retirement community

Moving Into a Retirement Community: Options & Considerations

There are a lot of living arrangements available to you in retirement. How can you start thinking about your options ahead of time?
Retirement Planning
Father high-fives his son while mother watches after parents discuss their annuity options.

What Are My Annuity Options?

Annuities come in a few varieties, and not every option will best suit your needs. Knowing the key differences can help you choose.
Retirement Planning
Husband and wife meeting to discuss downsizing your home for retirement

Downsizing Your Home for Retirement

Downsizing your home before you retire could help give you more financial flexibility. Here are some considerations to keep in mind. 
Retirement Planning
Adult children having the "aging parents and finances" talk with their parents over dinner

Aging Parents & Finances: Having the Retirement Conversation

A few small conversations now can make a big difference as you help your parents transition into retirement.
Retirement Planning
Older couple riding their bikes on a beach and talking about social security

4 Social Security Myths Debunked 

Here are some of the most common Social Security myths and the truth behind them.
Retirement Planning
grandmother discusses types of retirement plans with grandchildren

Types of Retirement Plans: Which Ones Apply to You?

There are many types of retirement plans available, depending on your place of work. Do you know which ones apply to you?
Retirement Planning
Young children and parents who have started preparing for retirement

5 Reasons to Start Preparing for Retirement Now

Here are just a handful of reasons why you should start preparing for retirement today.
Retirement Planning
multigenerational family dines at home as sandwich generation couple discusses retirement strategies

5 Retirement Strategies for the Sandwich Generation

Being a member of the sandwich generation doesn't have to mean retirement worries. Here are five strategies to help balance finances with commitments.
Retirement Planning
One of many happy married couples with Social Security benefits dancing together in the park

Married Couples With Social Security Benefits: What to Consider

Your age affects your Social Security benefits — but, as it turns out, so does your marital status. Here's how it works.
Retirement Planning
Senior couple knowledgeable about the difference between Medicare vs. Medicaid walking on the beach.

Medicare vs. Medicaid: How Covered Am I?

Medicare and Medicaid are different programs serving different purposes. Understanding them in the context of retirement planning is crucial.
Retirement Planning
How much do I need to retire at 60, like the couple pictured here walking on the beach?

How Much Do I Need to Retire at 60?

Can you afford an early retirement? Here are some considerations — from savings to costs — to help you figure it out.
Retirement Planning
mature father and adult son on a park bench cheerfully discuss how to choose a fixed indexed annuity

5 Questions to Ask Before Choosing a Fixed Indexed Annuity

A fixed indexed annuity could be an excellent tool for your retirement. These five questions could help you decide if one is right for your needs.
Retirement Planning
senior couple ride a motorscooter on a sunny day and recall common retirement myths they’ve learned

5 Common Retirement Myths Debunked

Don't let these common misconceptions stand in the way of preparing for the retirement you want.
Retirement Planning
couple laughs and walks on the beach and discusses the question: how much do I need to retire at 62

How Much Do I Need to Retire at 62?

Seeing as the "official" retirement age doesn't kick in until your mid-60s, 62 is considered an early retirement. Could you still make it work?
Retirement Planning
middle-aged couple prepares their retirement budget and asks: how much to do I need to retire at 50?

How Much Do I Need to Retire at 50?

Planning to retire at 50 can seem like a stretch, but that's not to say it's impossible. Here are some factors to consider.
Retirement Planning
middle-aged woman smiles outside on a farm and wonders: how much do I need to retire at 65?

How Much Do I Need to Retire at 65?

The current full retirement age is 65 — how do you know if you'll be prepared by then? Here are a few key factors in the retirement equation.
Retirement Planning
woman works at desk and talks with human resources about how to roll over a 401(k) to a new employer

How to Roll Over a 401(k) to a New Employer

A new job usually comes with a new retirement plan. So what can you do with the old one?
Retirement Planning
happy 50-something couple relaxes at home and asks each other: how much do I need to retire at 55?

How Much Do I Need to Retire at 55?

Retiring a decade or more before the official retirement age could be an attainable goal if you save wisely and build out multiple income sources.
Retirement Planning
businesswoman researches the difference between a 401(k) and IRA while traveling by train for work

What's the Difference Between a 401(k) & IRA?

If you have a 401(k), should you also get an IRA? Knowing the difference between the two is an important part of preparing for retirement.
Retirement Planning
happy daughter embraces father near the ocean as they discuss average retirement savings by age

What Are the Average Retirement Savings by Age?

Although there are plenty of retirement savings recommendations out there, it can help to know how they typically pan out in reality.
Retirement Planning
wife embraces husband as they review annuity income rider details on a tablet computer at home

What Is an Income Rider & Why Would You Include One?

Some annuities offer income riders that can increase potential growth and flexibility in your benefits. Does a rider fit into your plan?
Retirement Planning
retiring baby boomer who still works part-time talks with her younger mentees in a conference room

Should Retiring Baby Boomers Consider a Phased Approach?

Fewer retirees these days are rushing to wrap up their professional lives. What kind of timeline could work best for you?
Retirement Planning
smiling single father reads to his young daughter as he thinks about annuities after his divorce

10 Things to Consider When It Comes to Divorce & Annuities

Dividing property during a divorce can go a lot of ways — here are 10 important considerations when handling joint annuities.
Retirement Planning
happy retired couple uses required minimum distribution from their ira to take a fun road trip

Required Minimum Distribution (RMD): How Does It Work?

Thinking about your required minimum distribution (RMD) is part and parcel of planning (and saving) for retirement. Here's how it works.
Retirement Planning
four neighbors of various ages eat at a block party and discuss when is a good time for opening an ira

Is There a Right Age for Opening an IRA?

When it comes to IRAs, it's almost never too early — or too late — to open one. Here's how IRAs can be a good fit for different life stages.
Retirement Planning
happy senior couple takes a selfie and imagines retiring together due to solid retirement planning

Retirement Planning: Will You & Your Spouse Retire at the Same Time?

Not all couples retire together — and for those who don't, planning for a staggered retirement is important for a smooth transition.
Retirement Planning
seniors at home using tablet researching leaving a legacy

Leaving a Legacy Through a Charitable Gift Annuity

Looking to leave behind a bighearted legacy that also leaves room for your retirement plans? Consider a charitable gift annuity.
Retirement Planning
young family of four plays soccer in the park as parents think about benefits of roth ira conversions

How Roth IRA Conversions Could Fit Into Retirement Planning

Explore the basics and benefits of Roth IRA conversions to discover if a conversion could help you prepare for your golden years.
Retirement Planning
middle-aged group of two male and two female joggers run together and discuss divorce and retirement

Divorce & Retirement: The Divorcee's Guide to Retirement

Retirement may be the farthest thing from your mind after a divorce but considering how to reach your goals could help you move forward confidently.
Retirement Planning
two women enjoy lunch together in a restaurant and discuss social security benefits after divorce

A Quick Guide to Social Security Benefits After Divorce

Did you know you may be eligible for spousal Social Security benefits — even if your marriage ended in divorce?
Retirement Planning
smiling retired couple researches different annuity payment options at home on their laptop

Annuity Payment Options: More Than Just Lump Sums

You don't have to own a luxury car or a beach house in Bali to own an annuity. Learn why annuities could be an option for everyone.
Retirement Planning
retiree plays chess outside with his son and grandson and reflects on things he wants to do in retirement

Life's Next Adventure: 5 Things to Do in Retirement

Quality over quantity — this saying is true for retirement too. Discover how a little self-reflection could help you enjoy a fulfilling retirement.
Retirement Planning
mature man with cane plays chess with male caregiver and reflects on costs of long-term care

Cost of Long-Term Care: Planning for an Uncertain Tomorrow

While no one can predict future long-term care needs, there are still steps you could take to help prepare for an uncertain tomorrow.
Retirement Planning
mature woman crochets in her home studio as she considers moving her previous 401(k) into a rollover IRA

When Could a 401(k) Rollover to IRA Make Sense?

Do you still have a 401(k) from an old job? You might want to consider a rollover IRA to manage your retirement savings.
Retirement Planning
mature couple rides bikes and decides whether a roth individual retirement account is right for them

Is a Roth IRA Right for You?

A beginner's guide to Roth individual retirement accounts (IRAs). We look at the basics, benefits and rules for managing them.
Retirement Planning
grandparents sit by a lake with their two grandkids and are happy they invested in a traditional ira

Is a Traditional IRA Right for You?

A beginner's guide to traditional IRAs. How do these retirement plans work, what are the benefits — and what rules do you need to know?
Retirement Planning
happy retired couple relaxes at home while talking and planning how to reduce their retirement taxes

Could Planning Ahead Help You Reduce Your Retirement Taxes?

Taxes are a certainty in life, and it doesn't change once you retire. Discover how planning ahead could help you reduce your taxes in retirement.
Retirement Planning
happy couple plays on swings in a park in the fall and discusses options for cash value life insurance

Options for Cash Value Life Insurance Before Retirement

In addition to a death benefit, permanent life insurance policies offer cash value. However, do you know about some of many benefits of cash value?
Retirement Planning
retired woman holds flower bloom in her garden and thinks about options for cash value life insurance

Options for Cash Value Life Insurance in Retirement

Permanent life insurance provides a death benefit and may help give you peace of mind. But do you know about the benefits of cash value for retirees?
Retirement Planning
young female freelancer researches how to create a self-employed retirement plan on her laptop at home

How to Create a Self-Employed Retirement Plan

Are you trying to save for retirement, but you're self-employed? Here are a few important options to consider.
Retirement Planning
parents help their two kids with homework and wonder if they should save for retirement or college

Will You Save for Retirement or Your Children's College Education?

Putting your retirement needs first could help your children in the long run. Learn how you could make this difficult decision with certainty.
Retirement Planning
smiling young couple sits on a bench in a park to discuss their new jobs’ pension plan benefits

What Is a Pension Plan & How Does It Work?

Will a pension plan be part of your retirement future? Learn more about how these retirement accounts work and explore their benefits.
Retirement Planning
graphic illustrates what to know at every retirement age milestone to help your retirement planning

Planning for Retirement? What to Know at Every Retirement Age Milestone

Age is just a number — and it's also an essential part of retirement planning. Learn more about important retirement age milestones.
Retirement Planning
mature couple is preparing for retirement and discusses unexpected costs on a bike ride in the forest

Preparing for Retirement? Don't Forget Unexpected Costs

Preparing for retirement might seem straightforward, but unexpected costs could have a significant effect on your finances.
Retirement Planning
young female professional sips coffees at her desk and makes plans for an early retirement

Why I Wanted Early Retirement & Why I Changed My Mind

One writer shares her story of saving heavily to finance an early retirement — only to discover she didn't want to retire young after all.
Retirement Planning
older female employee shakes manager’s hand after accepting an early retirement buyout

Should You Accept an Early Retirement Buyout?

An early retirement buyout offer could spark many important questions. Here are some things to consider before accepting the offer.
Retirement Planning
multigenerational family discusses avoiding common retirement mistakes on a fall walk in the woods

3 Common Retirement Mistakes & How to Avoid Them

Retirement may be just around the corner for you, but have you thought about some of the most common financial mistakes retirees make?
Retirement Planning
couple begins transition to retirement by reviewing their retirement plan together on laptop at home

5 Questions to Help Streamline Your Transition to Retirement

The transition to retirement could give you the chance to pursue life on your terms. Here are things to consider when entering this exciting phase.
Retirement Planning
mature female volunteer leads charity event with young women and enjoys being a volunteer in retirement

Volunteer in Retirement: A New 'Career' in a Field You Love

Pursue your passions in retirement with a new "career" as a volunteer. Learn how you could give back to your local community — or the world.
Retirement Planning
mature couple meets with financial advisor to discuss how to approach investing after retirement

Have You Considered Investing After Retirement?

Investing after retirement can be a tricky balancing act. Explore the whys and hows of investing in your golden years.
Retirement Planning
happy retired couple uses a tablet computer on the beach to research when should you get life insurance

Retirement: When Should You Get Life Insurance?

After decades of hard work, you've finally walked out of your job and into retirement. Now, is life insurance on your radar?
Retirement Planning
senior father and his adult son eat pizza after hauling boxes to celebrate his moving after retirement

Is Moving After Retirement in Your Future?

To move, or not to move, that is the question. It's important to weigh your options when considering a significant change after entering retirement.
Retirement Planning
senior couple dances at an outdoor party after discussing medicare coverage and retiree insurance

Medicare Coverage & Retiree Insurance: 5 Things You Need to Know

Are you confused about how Medicare works with retiree insurance? Here are five things that could be helpful to know.
Retirement Planning
senior couple clinks coffee mugs outside in the morning as they discuss rising costs in retirement

Don't Let Rising Costs in Retirement Blindside You

You may need to save more money for retirement than you think. Costs in retirement could add up quickly, especially when it comes to things like health care.
Retirement Planning
mature couple relaxes outside in the fall and decides when to start collecting social security benefits

Social Security: When Will You Start Collecting Benefits?

Learn more about Social Security and key benefit ages to discover when you could start collecting Social Security.
Retirement Planning
middle-aged couple laughs together outside of a café and discusses how to start planning for retirement

How to Start Planning for Retirement — From Scratch

Are you feeling uncertain about how to start saving for retirement? Learn how you could get on the right track.
Retirement Planning
friends celebrate life after retirement at backyard party and discuss how to stretch your savings

Life After Retirement: 5 Ways to Stretch Your Retirement Savings

Is retirement just around the corner? Learn how you could make your strong financial foundation last long after you leave the workforce.
Retirement Planning
grandfather fishes on a lake with his grandson and wonders how much money he needs to stay retired

How Much Money Do I Need to Retire & Stay Retired?

Are you looking forward to your golden years? Proper planning could help ensure that you'll have enough funds to retire — and stay retired — someday.
Retirement Planning
senior couple eats at home and decides to discuss when to start saving for retirement with their kids

When to Start Saving for Retirement

Learn about the steps you could take to help plan for your future needs — no matter what life stage you're in.
Retirement Planning
happy senior couple walks along the beach and realizes how important it is to save for retirement

Save for Retirement & Don't Outlive Your Retirement Savings

We've got some ideas on saving for retirement and managing your expenses so you don't end up outliving your retirement savings.
Retirement Planning
grandparents play with grandchild in a park and consider the cost of waiting to save for retirement

Not Saving for Retirement? Here's the Cost of Waiting

Saving for retirement could be a vital part of a secure future — so consider putting it on your checklist! Learn more about the cost of waiting.
Retirement Planning
happy senior couples laugh together in the park and are thinking about how to plan for retirement

Thinking About How to Plan for Retirement?

Whether you're looking forward to time with the grandkids, in your workshop or on a sandy beach, your retirement dreams could become a reality.
Retirement Planning
businessman outside office building contacts lafayette life on tablet for retirement income planning

4 Steps You May Want to Consider When Planning Your Retirement Income

Whether you want steady retirement income to last your lifetime or seek confidence to meet whatever the future holds, establishing a plan is an important step toward guiding your retirement in the right direction.
Retirement Planning
senior couple meets with lafayette life advisor at home to learn how to preserve their financial legacy

Help Preserve the Legacy You Leave Tomorrow

With thoughtful planning and trusted partners focused on your needs, you can help ensure that you make every dollar count for you and your loved ones.
Retirement Planning
llic learn everything you need to know about saving for retirement

What You Need to Know About Saving for Retirement

Preparing for retirement is an important step to making sure you have enough money to retire comfortably or your family is well taken care of. See how we can put our products to work for you.
Retirement Planning
happy senior couple walks along the beach and reflects on health care costs in retirement

Health Care Costs in Retirement: Are You Prepared for the Expected & Unexpected?

It could be impossible to foresee all of your future health care needs, but you could still take steps to prepare for both expected — and unexpected — costs in retirement.
Retirement Planning
mature couple rides bikes in the woods and discusses choosing a single premium immediate annuity

5 Questions to Ask Before Choosing a Single Premium Immediate Annuity

A single premium immediate annuity (SPIA) could give you a steady stream of income in retirement. These five questions could help you learn more.
Retirement Planning
father carries his son in a park and realizes the need for saving for retirement costs when you’re young

Saving for Retirement Costs When You're Young — Expect the Unexpected

Retirement might not be top of mind when you're decades away, but preparing now could help you lead a comfortable lifestyle in your golden years.
Retirement Planning
retired couple walk through autumn woods to discuss questions about choosing an immediate annuity

5 Questions to Ask Before Choosing an Immediate Annuity

An immediate annuity could help ensure a regular income in retirement — now. These five questions could help you decide if one is right for you.
Retirement Planning
middle-aged couple walks their dog on a sunny hillside and contemplates an early retirement

How You May Be Able to Retire Early

Contrary to what you might think, you don't necessarily have to wait until your late 60s to retire. Here are some strategies to help you get started.
Retirement Planning
mother counsels her young daughter at home about how to plan for retirement while you’re young

How to Plan for Retirement — While You're Young

Retirement might not feel like a priority when it's still decades away, but here's why it might be a good time to start planning.
Retirement Planning
senior couple walks on a sunny day to discuss how annuities can provide guaranteed retirement income

Annuities 101: Your Guide to the Basics

What is an annuity — and how could it help you prepare for the future? Enroll in our crash course to discover the answers to your questions.
Retirement Planning
mature couple smiles at each other in front of their home and is preparing for retirement in a few years

Preparing for Retirement When It's Just Around the Corner

If you're close to retirement age, consider your goals in order to enjoy retirement to its fullest. We cover the strategies you need.
Retirement Planning