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Volatile graph - trump trade lives on

The Trump Trade Lives On

Markets Nick Sargen
Strong economic growth and robust corporate profits propelled the U.S. stock market to a record high in the third quarter.
Shipping containers with US and China flags

U.S. – China Showdown: A Key Test for U.S. Trade Policy

Policy Nick Sargen
U.S. trade policy now appears headed for a showdown with China, as the administration is set to announce duties on an additional $200 billion of Chinese imports.
Assessing the economic impact

Assessing the Economic Impact of Deregulation

Policy Nick Sargen
One of the most controversial issues in public policy relates to the role of government regulation of the economy.
lighted tunnel

FERC Strikes Again & Pandora's Box Was Already Opened

Equities David McColl
In July, FERC offered up another surprise to the MLP market, after already causing turmoil in March when, during market hours, they announced a major policy change.
Hot air balloon over valley

Emerging Markets: Looking for Opportunity Beyond the Headlines

Fixed Income Zulfi Ali, Brian Cloutier & Bojan Vidosevic
Over the past year, the Fed has raised short-term rates from 1% to 2% which has had a negative effect on the entire fixed income spectrum. This has been especially true within EM.
Wall Street subway stations

Midyear Update: Global Equity Markets at an Inflection Point

Markets Nick Sargen & Dan Carter
Following a strong start in January, global equity markets have retraced some of their gains while volatility has increased from record lows.
Complete puzzle - the enigma of the tame wage increases

The Enigma of Tame Wage Increases

Economics Nick Sargen & Dan Carter
An ongoing puzzle for investors and policymakers alike is the tame pace of wage increases even as unemployment (U-3) has fallen below 4%.
desert cactus with flowers

Finding Value in 2018’s Most Unloved Sector

Fixed Income Paul Tomich
Within investment grade corporates, intermediate corporates — defined as 5-10 year maturities — may offer the most attractive risk-adjusted return potential.
Flags of our countries - does foreign policy matter

Does Foreign Policy Matter to Markets?

Policy Nick Sargen
Two developments, the G-7 meeting in Canada and the historic summit between President Trump and Kim Jong Un, have dominated the news in recent days. Yet, global markets have not reacted to either development.
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